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some dude hitting luhan in the butt with a baseball bat

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[OP-ED] Rapper Status

By Mod Myshayla
There are some things you come across that are so stupid, you can’t shake them off your mind. For me, it’s a comment I saw, maybe a month ago, regarding BTS’ pre-debut cover of Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools (Drank)”. The comment was basically “this is better than the original” and I was so confused, I couldn’t even laugh.
It wasn’t really a cover though, BTS had written their own track and used Lamar’s beat. Their song is about struggles in school- “I pretended not to notice school was a battleground. Perhaps this was my own battle in the square ring called school.” Lamar’s song is about alcohol abuse- “If I take another one down, I’ma drown in some poison abusin’ my limit.”
These songs aren’t lyrically comparable and yet someone had the nerve to say BTS’ was better. Under their quoted comment, was ‘they’re probably just saying that because their oppas sang it’ and I couldn’t agree more. It’s not uncommon for kpop listeners to claim kpop is better simply because it’s in Korean. This fueled a lot of thoughts for me, first of all, race thoughts, idol thoughts, and general thoughts about talent and what it takes for an idol to impress their fans.
“Better than the original” is pretty much always used when a non-black person performs a song originally preformed by a black person. Any quick look around YouTube searching for acoustic guitar covers by white boys will show you that but it’s presence in kpop is particularly amusing because about ¾ of idols that “rap” can’t rap at all.
I like BTS. I think they’re super talented, genuine, and I always support singers and rappers, particularly in kpop where it feels like a lot of idols lack soul in their work, that actually get involved in production and write their own songs, make their own choreography, etc. so this isn’t a slam against them but rather against some of their fans or any fans that seem to think the bare minimum it takes to rap is worth praising. Especially, when even idols know they suck and were only instructed to rap for a role by their managers that most likely don’t take rap seriously because if they did, they wouldn’t treat it like a current trend ready to be thrown on and taken off at any moment.
Pick up your standards. It’s insulting to see rap turned into a commodity or something easy to do when it was birthed for social reasons and consequently turned the go-to music scapegoat in the last twenty years, wrongfully blamed for gun and drug violence when both gun and drug violence in the black community are literally connected to racism in America and other parts of the world. All of this history, this importance is being turned into a mockery. I have no problem with Korean idols rapping but for heaven’s sake, at least try to be good at it.
This is why I tend to ignore the ‘oh’s and ‘ah’s idols seem to cause when they rap a single line or maybe part of “Dilemma” by Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland (ehem Tao). I like “Dilemma”, it’s a throwback jam for sure and I like Tao and I do think he deserves some props for semi-rapping a bit in English because English can be hard as fuck but it’s “Dilemma” like… now that’s something that made me laugh.
Not to say all idols are terrible but I don’t have any favorites yet (except I know I at least love Zelo’s voice). So I’ve turned to khiphop for my rapping needs except it’s not that easy because now we face a different kind of cultural appropriation and the hardest part is, even when I sense something might offend me, I don’t even know because finding English translations for khiphop songs is pretty much my biggest Internet related challenge.
For instance, I’ve been listening to Demento for a bit. I like his style and one of my favorite songs by him is “Hood Gon Love Me”. What is he rapping about? What about the ‘hood’? I don’t know, it’s embarrassing that I don’t know but I like this song when for all I know, I could actually hate it.
Another thing is, a lot of underground Korean rappers do the same thing as BTS did, they’ll “borrow” beats from other artists and a lot of times those beats aren’t credited by online journals and blogs, then the fans that read those journals and blogs go around thinking that these beats were created by these rappers when they weren’t. For example, Choi Sam’s “맛보기” uses Angel Haze’s beat from “Werkin Girl” and I’ve seen it not credited a few times in her tumblr tag.
Underground rappers also appropriate black culture in other ways, through clothes and slang and it’s not that I’m okay with it but sometimes I give them, what I consider, a “show me what you got” pass rather than a “yes, I’ll let you appropriate whatever you want” pass because I do enjoy a lot of Korean rap/hiphop/r&b songs and I look forward to finding more and most of these artists seem to actually respect the black rappers that came before them. That’s a big thing that’s missing in the kpop industry, no one respects rap, no one looks into the history, no one credits their influences.
But whether it’s kpop or khiphop, always remember that rap is a musical talent like any other and you wouldn’t applaud a dancer if they could only two-step, you wouldn’t applaud a singer if they could only hit one note, so don’t applaud a rapper because well, that’s just their role in the group (when they’ve done nothing to truly earn it). Remember that before your oppas were even born, black people were in the game making a million originals, so keep that “better than the original” to yourself unless you’ve actually paid attention to the original to begin with.
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Friendly reminder that Zico is against thigh gaps.

So cut yourself another slice of cake.

if ur not beyonce hes not fuckin u

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this is my runway

Taoris looks like they’re leading a mafia

they do.

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can we all take a moment to appreciate the fact that youngjae is now on urban dictionary under betrayer




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